The Private Girbau Foundation presents the ?Nature And Society? award for a volunteer and environmental education project
The first Private Girbau Foundation award recognises the work of the Natura Freixe Group and its Volcat land guardianship project
The Private Girbau Foundation presents the ?Nature And Society? award for a volunteer and environmental education project

The protection of the natural environment is one of the lines of action of the Private Girbau Foundation, whose goal is to provide aid in social, cultural and environmental initiatives. Support for the environment took one further step on Saturday, June 10th with the presentation of the first Private Girbau Foundation "Nature and Society" award. The project recognised by the Foundation was ‘Volcat’, a proposal for active participatory land guardianship promoted by the Natura Freixe Group from Flix (Tarragona,Spain). 

The aim of the Volcat project is for local associations and authorities to sponsor properties of high ecological interest under guardianship, by participating in different voluntary activities that are promoted from this area. The activities are symbolically rewarded with an environmental currency called Volcat that each group can redeem for educational activities and environmental training. It also includes a solidarity system of transfer between the different groups.

The aim of the "Nature and Society" award is to encourage and support initiatives that promote the participation of society in preserving the natural heritage, as well as transmitting values of respect and responsibility regarding the environment.

The Private Girbau Foundation has implemented this initiative with the collaboration of the Land Guardianship Network (Xarxa de CustòdiadelTerritori - XCT), which has administered and managed the award.

Those at Girbau consider that it is very necessary to provide support to environmental projects, and that the responsibility of companies and authorities is crucial not only by pursuing their own sustainability but also helping projects that protect the environment.

The presentation ceremony for the first Private Girbau Foundation award 'Nature and society' was held in El Sucre de Vic (Barcelona) and included a conference on climate change and human action headed by the meteorologist Francesc Mauri.

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