Success of Girbau's Global Laundry Solutions at Texcare
The innovations on the stand and the Girbau Social Event Convention were the two main focuses of attention
Success of Girbau's Global Laundry Solutions at Texcare

Girbau values its presence in Texcare very highly. The Group presented innovations in products, new solutions in projects, advances in laundry consultancy and the company’s business prospects, both on the stand and in the convention for clients and dealers which took place on Sunday night.

Girbau displayed the new products designed to achieve: maximum efficiency in ironing (the PB ironer and the Optifeed system), maximum efficiency and ergonomics in industrial laundering (suction loading system on the ST1302 dryer, DRB3 feeder, FRB folder and aerial loading system for the Girbau TBS batch washer), and how to achieve cost-effective self-service laundries (with the presentation of the new HS6024 included).

Girbau’s stand was one of the centres of attention at Texcare, and received a great many visitors from different parts of the world. During the show, work was done on a large number of projects in situ.

Within the framework of Texcare, Sunday, June 11thsaw the holding of the Girbau Social Event, an event in the form of a news edition in which the management of Girbau assessed the company’s situation of continued growth, introduced Global Laundry Solutions, and provided information on Girbau’s international expansion with the participation of the International Sales Directors as reporters from each area. Three trips toBarcelona were raffled at the end of the event, with visits to Girbau’s production centres and also a promotional offer for ED Series dryers. The Euro 2016 football match betweenGermany andUkraine and a succulent Finger Dinner brought the Girbau Social Event to a close.

During the convention, Girbau’s CEO, Mercè Girbau, stressed that "we are very proud of Girbau’s growth and the fruit we are reaping from the effort shared by the Girbau team together with clients, suppliers and all those who interact with the group. We have closed 2015 with a turnover of 134 million euros. As a family business, we are committed to growth, while maintaining the values of the group: honesty, commitment, devotion to service, enthusiasm and a passion for what we do".

Meanwhile, the General Manager of Girbau, Guillem Clofent, highlighted the lines of work in the first half of the year, such as the increase in the strength of the technical services, delivery of urgent spare parts in a 24-hour service, the development of tools for conceiving and designing laundry projects, as well as new financial services and maintenance packs.

 "We have grown, and our commitment is to continue with a quality growth that is sustainable and sound. We work with a medium and long term vision," insisted the General Manager, who also emphasised the progress made in the sector demonstrated by some of the new machines shown in Texcare, such as the FRB folder and the HS6024 washer.

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