Girbau worked with Lavandería Tecnológica del Uruguay to install the country's first tunnel washer.
The project will have Girbau's comprehensive advice at all stages of the process, representing a great technological leap forward for Uruguay.
Girbau worked with Lavandería Tecnológica del Uruguay to install the country's first tunnel washer.

With the aim of offering a distinctive service and being closer to its customers, Girbau collaborated with Lavandería Tecnológico del Uruguay in a project that enabled the Uruguayan company to install the first tunnel washer in the country. This joint project represents a major technological step forward for the country, as it allows the Uruguayan laundry industry to blaze a trail towards the latest innovations and technologies on the market.

To do this, Girbau provided comprehensive advice, from collecting rainwater to supporting the team of architects in what is today's installation. All this represented a challenge for Girbau as the company has had to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic and do much of its work remotely, through weekly online sessions with the architects and site managers to review all the progress made.

So, with the installation of this tunnel washer, TBS 50/12 HYGIEN, Lavandería Tecnológica del Uruguay, a newly-founded company, has been able to open its doors with a pioneering installation featuring cutting-edge technology, unique in the country, to offer its clients quality cleaning with a high standard of hygiene and disinfection to meet the needs and demands of today's market.  The Girbau TBS50 washing system includes all the equipment required for continuous washing, with the advantages of synchronisation, programming and management that come from working with a single supplier. This tunnel washer features a built-in water recirculation and recycling system which means the water can be used up to three times, cutting water and energy consumption.

Load transfer is through a wide central opening, so avoiding any risk of jams. There are also different sensors constantly auto-checking to ensure that all the conditions are right for smooth transfer. Another outstanding feature of this equipment is its flexibility. All the modules of the tunnel washer are identical and can include feeds of water and chemicals, drains and pH and temperature probes. The flexibility of the setup of the process results in a tunnel washer that can meet all the client's needs, both now and in the future.

In the words of LTU management, "We are more than satisfied and very proud to be the first company in Uruguay to have a tunnel washer that enables us to add a new horizon to the Uruguayan industrial laundry business. The service provided by Girbau, their professionalism and their constant advice throughout the process, as well as the quality and features of the tunnel washer, enable us to take a step forward in our services to offer a unique, strong service to cement our position as a leading company in Uruguay.

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