Girbau teaches a seminar on laundry solutions for KIMS in Ukraine
The course, held on September 12 and 13, had 32 attendees coming from Ukraine and Moldova
Girbau teaches a seminar on laundry solutions for KIMS in Ukraine

Girbau conducted a seminar about the different laundry solutions at the facilities of its partner KIMS, in Odessa (Ukraine), on September 12 and 13. This course, which had 32 attendees from Ukraine and Moldova, was taught by professionals from Girbau, Seitz, Brightwell, and KIMS, including its owner, Alexandr Kogan.

One of the outstanding solutions explained in this course is the Wet Cleaning solution Aqua Touch, developed by Girbau together with the chemical company Seitz. This solution was presented in the country on March 14 and recognized with the Award of Excellence by the international organization of the textile sector CINET. This innovative ecological washing formula stands out for its high efficiency in cleaning sensitive garments only by using biodegradable detergents, without polluting solvents such as perchlorethylene.

During the day Sapphire was also presented, a system which allows the laundries owners to monitor the machines performance at a distance and in real time, both for their income, as for the production, the cycles completed or their consumption. Furthermore, thanks to the software incorporated, this system also allows the extraction of programs reports and the remote adjustment to maximize the efficiency of all laundry.

Seitz, on its part, presented its solutions and Brightwell also presented its pumps for washing machines.

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