Girbau's commitment to sustainability and the circular economy, present at Re-Barcelona Conference
The conference, held in Barcelona on 29 and 30 September bought 30 international professionals in sustainable fashion
Girbau's commitment to sustainability and the circular economy, present at Re-Barcelona Conference

Girbau’s commitment to sustainability and the circular economy made itself known at the new Re-Barcelona Sustainable Fashion Global Event on 29 and 30 September.  This pioneering meeting in sustainable and ethical fashion organised by the association Moda Sostenible Barcelona (MSBCN) and the Seed&Click consultancy firm, with the support of the Barcelona City Council and over 30 professionals and experts from the textile industry on an international level. 

Mariona Sanz, Head of the Girbau Lab participated in a panel discussion on changing people's mindsets as users and consumers in the industry and new business models as part of the event. “The future of the textile industry is in sustainability and the circular economy”, said Sanz. “Here at Girbau we are committed to sustainability and the circular economy as strategic pillars for transforming the traditional industry towards more circular solutions that offer maximum resource efficiency and are eco-friendly.” One example of this is Girbau's collaboration with the ELISAVA design school, through which undergraduate industrial design students are exploring the field of circular economy in industrial laundry.

At the same time, Re-Barcelona offered a space open to the public that acted as a stage for presentations, workshops, screenings of fashion films and activities connected to sustainable fashion. In this space, Girbau gave a master class on Wet Cleaning. This wet laundry treatment is easy on delicate textiles and does not require chemical solvents that are bad for the environment such as perchloroethylene, hydrocarbons, etc., used in dry cleaning. 

Girbau’s participation in Re-Barcelona is another example of its commitment to innovation, energy efficiency, the circular economy and sustainability.

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