Girbau presents the new FR+ folder for flat linen
The new folder improves the control and the quality of folding, as well as aiding accessibility and visibility into the inside of the machine
Girbau presents the new FR+ folder for flat linen

Girbau is launching the new FR+ folder for flat linen, which, together with the FRB folder, makes up the FR Series.

The FR Series folders represent a step forward both on a technological level, and in terms of the accessibility and visibility into the inside of a type of machines traditionally without inside viewing.

They allow complete control of production from touch screens with graphical menus that make it easy to maximise understanding and control for operators.
The communication is total with Girbau flatwork ironers and feeders, accessing and controlling the machine by remote control using the GHelp system.

Transparent windows, easy access doors and internal lighting aid both maintenance and the control of processes.

In terms of folding quality, the sliding table, the anti-static bar and the ionised air of the FR series improve the perfection of the folding.

The FR+ folder can work with 1, 2 or 4 feeding lanes, with maximum flexibility of operations depending on the dimensions of the linen to be folded.
It also has a tray and a small items counter, as well as an accumulator for small items. A linen compression system allows the AP+ stackers that accompany the FR+ to give better quality.

How the folding works
The 1st cross-fold is performed with a blade and two belts, with self-adjusting thickness using a pneumatic system. The folders are equipped with a standby folding mechanism to avoid jamming.
The 2nd cross-fold is performed with a blade. A new system supports the linen during the entire phase of the folding and prevents problems of slippage. It can be automatically adapted to the width of the linen.
Lastly, the 3rd cross-fold is performed with a reversing belt and a blade.

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