Girbau presents the new ED900 dryer
With 45 kg of capacity, the ED900 is extremely efficient and productive, with 19-minute drying cycles
Girbau presents the new ED900 dryer

Girbau presents at Expodetergo in Milan, the new E900 dryer with a 45-kg capacity (1:20 loading ratio) to complete the ED Series range.

The ED900 can be defined as Premium product, advanced, fast and efficient drying system. It can run drying cycles lasting just 19 minutes (ISO9398-2) with a power consumption of 1.18 kwh/l (gas version).

The ED series dryers optimize the energy used and achieve excellent results in less time. They have an easy maintenance, since the filter is easy to clean. Due to its ergonomic design, the large door facilitates the loading and unloading, and its Care Touch Drum system provides a good treatment to the clothes thanks to the holes of the drum that are embedded avoiding the contact of clothes with sharp edges.

Like all the models in the ED Series, it features the latest technologies:

- Transflow: radial and axial air flow that facilitates the penetration of hot air in the garments, taking full advantage of the temperature.

- Heat Capture Technology: The door with double glazing and double panel guarantees a greater use of energy and a lower impact on the working environment.

- Humidity Control: Reliable and accurate humidity control system.

- GDrive: the communication between inverter, motor and microprocessor guarantees a longer life of the dryer.

- Speed control: possibility to program the rotation speed of the drum in each phase of the drying program.

- Direct access options: During the process, the Eco, Soft and half load functions can be activated manually.

- PROFESSIONAL Control: For commercial laundries. Easy programming system with icons that includes 10 pre-defined programs.

The ED900 is available with a full range of heating systems: gas, steam and thermal oil

Find out more about the new ED900 dryer.

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