Girbau laundering conferences in Alicante and Murcia (Spain)
At the end of February Girbau held several conferences on Wet Cleaning and hotel housekeepers in the two cities
Girbau laundering conferences in Alicante and Murcia (Spain)

Alicante and Murcia (Spain). Attendance was high in all the sessions and the information received was very positively assessed by the attendees.

The Wet Cleaning conference in Murcia on February 21st was attended by representatives of more than 30 dry cleaners. The hotel housekeepers conference, attended by another 30 people, was also very well received, and their participation was certified by the presenting of a diploma.

In Alicante, the hotel housekeepers conference was held on Friday February 27th with the presence of fifty people who, just as in Murcia, also received diplomas of attendance. The next day at the Masip dry cleaners there was a Wet Cleaning session attended by 60 people, which was a great success.

The meetings in Murcia and Alicante allowed Girbau to familiarise people with their products and laundry solutions as well as garnering the opinions and requirements of the various sectors participating.


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