Girbau launches a towel folder for laundries that do not require sorting
The new FTB is more compact with 500 mm less width than other models
Girbau launches a towel folder for laundries that do not require sorting

Girbau presents a new model of towel folder to join the FT Topfold, FT Lite and FT Maxi in the folder range.

The FTB is the result of Girbau realising that many laundries that did not require sorting of folded piles were not automating their process because they had no choice but to buy machines with sorted piling with all the resulting costs.

“Why is laundry automation associated with complex work processes? All laundries can increase their competitiveness by automating. So we've created a machine to meet the demand from laundries of this kind, adding more value at a lower cost for our customers,” states the Product Owner responsible for feeders and folders at Girbau, Jaume Simonet.

The big difference with other folders is that the FTB has a single output belt, allowing it to be very compact (500 mm narrower than other models) with a simple, efficient folding solution, shared with the FT maxi.

The folder is multi-purpose, being designed for folding and stacking towels or other items, and adjusts the item width automatically to avoid down time while the programme is entered and changed.

Depending on the type of item and type of folding, output can reach 900 pieces per hour, significantly increasing the laundry's productivity and capacity.

The simplicity of its design almost eliminates maintenance and reduces the need for spare parts.

The FTB represents a leap forward in competitiveness for all those laundries that were convinced that automation was not within their reach!

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