Girbau increases ironing productivity and quality with the new DRB
The DRB feeds articles of all sizes into the flatwork ironer in automatic and manual mode
Girbau increases ironing productivity and quality with the new DRB

Girbau is launching the new DRB, an automatic front feeder, which is added to the DR series.

The DRB automatically feeds in articles of different types and sizes. In automatic mode it can feed in items of linen on one or two lanes. And in manual mode (with or without the assistance of suction on the feeding table), available as standard, it can run from 1 up to 4 stations.

"This feeder is another step in our strategy to optimise productivity and quality in the ironing phase; something that is fundamental because it marks the final finish of a laundering process" insists the Girbau Group’s sales, marketing and services Vice-President, Toni Rubiés.

Safety, flexibility, productivity, efficiency, and durability are what set the DRB apart, with the feeder being able to process up to 1,000 items per hour depending on the type of linen and the number of workstations.

Designed with productivity in mind, the DRB’s control (with a colour touch screen) is very easy to use. The laundry operators quickly become familiar with its operation. In addition, it has the User Protection System, a set of doors that prevent the user from accessing the feeding clamps and servers when the machine is in operation.

The ironing quality of the DRB is the result of the sum of the technology of the retaining clamps, which feed in the corners of the articles in the correct position, and the system of suction and smoothing brushes that feed the linen into the flatwork ironer without folds or creases.

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