Girbau collaborated with Tecnolav Lavandería Sustentable to carry out an expansion of its facilities in a sustainable manner
This project allowed to increase the capacity, reducing the ecological footprint, and having a team formed by people with functional diversity
Girbau collaborated with Tecnolav Lavandería Sustentable to carry out an expansion of its facilities in a sustainable manner

With the aim of offering a distinctive service and being closer to its customers, Girbau collaborated with Tecnolav Lavandería Sustentable in Argentina on an expansion project that enabled the Argentinean company to boost its washing capacity from 300 kg of linen a day to 20 tonnes. All this was done with a view to high quality standards and reducing the environmental footprint, factors which helped to cut energy costs while significantly boosting the productivity and profitability of the business.

Fernando Argiró, head and founder of Tecnolav Lavandería Sustentable in Buenos Aires, Argentina, decided to opt for a solid, dependable partner. Girbau's philosophy convinced Argiró from the start. Girbau drew up a whole Project Management document and dealt with both planning and device and the coordination and execution of the project, as well as fully equipping the laundry and supporting the client all the way through.

As a result of the growth, expansion and consolidation of Tecnolav Lavandería Sustentable, the laundry currently has two TBS50 batch washers with 12 modules, three flatwork ironing lines made up of three PC120 gas ironers, one DRM+ and two DFR feeders and three FL+ folders, as well as four FT-Maxi towel folders, four HS6057, one HS6040 and three HS6023 high-speed washing machines and six ST100 series and five ED series dryers, among other machinery. Like this, thanks to the installation of Girbau machinery, water consumption fell by 70%, chemicals used in the processes by 30%, gas by 20% and steam by 10% on the premises. Also, the end results in terms of linen were excellent and therefore the service provided was able to stand out from the competition, with a positive impact on clients.

In the words of Fernando Argiró, founder & CEO of Tecnolav Lavandería Sustentable de Buenos Aires, Argentina, “The strategic alliance with Girbau is a step towards achieving the goals we have set. Confidence and proximity between both partners have made it possible to develop great synergy. Also, thanks to Girbau's comprehensive service, we've been able to meet our clients' needs and expectations. In this respect, how we do it matters too, because working sustainably and inclusively has enabled us to make a positive impact on both our clients and the environment."

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