At Expodetergo Girbau demonstrates how innovation is revolutionising laundering
The stand of Girbau attracted a great deal of visitors interested in trying out the new technologies applied to the industrial laundry directly
At Expodetergo Girbau demonstrates how innovation is revolutionising laundering

Girbau’s stand at Expodetergo 2018, in Milan, was a hothouse with a constant stream of visitors. The possibility of trying out the latest technology applied to laundering live and seeing all the machines running on the stand made the Girbau stand a genuine "agora" area for laundering where visitors could exchange know-how.

On the stand there were various corners and thematic areas with specialised solutions for different laundry sectors (wet cleaning, self-service, etc.), Girbau Sapphire demonstrations (remote connectivity solution to control laundry equipment remotely), as well as areas set aside for multimedia interaction. Girbau Max, Girbau's virtual reality platform, was another of the attractions, which allowed visitors to take a virtual reality tour though their future laundry projects.

In terms of equipment, the main innovations presented were:
- Industrial laundry: TBS50 batch washer, COMPACT+, ST2700 dryer, DRBS feeder and FR+ sheet folder.
- OPL laundry: HS6028, HS6032 and HS6085 washers, and ED900 and ED1250 dryers.
-Wet cleaning: Aquatouch® y Allwet® solutions.
- Self-service: MOBILE Laundry (plug&play container for installation in shopping centres).

Convention for clients from Europe
The night before the inauguration of Expodetergo, Girbau offered a convention for clients and distributors, where the major lines of work that the group is engaged in innovation of laundry were summarised.

Mercè Girbau, Girbau’s CEO, explained how the new Girbau LAB disruptive innovation project is based on the mainstays of the group’s strategic plan for 2020: growth, adapting to the market, and promoting the detection and retention of talent. Girbau insisted that: “You are part of our community and you are the antennas in our market. Share your ideas with us. Everything counts in order to innovate and respond to what your customers demand".

For his part, the managing director of Girbau, Guillem Clofent, expressed his conviction that "We are an ambitious company, made up of a community of highly committed and talented professionals that is at the service of its clients with challenging and stimulating projects regardless of size or location. The challenge of creating value together for Girbau’s clients is Girbau’s real driving force. We will not cease in our efforts to ensure the satisfaction of the people and companies that have placed their trust in Girbau, and to that end we are incorporating new products, tools and methodologies in the laundry sector."

During the convention, a Golden Ticket was raffled among all attendees consisting of a trip and stay for two people to visit the new Girbau Experience Center at Girbau headquarters.

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