A new Girbau washing machine wins the 2021 Ecodesign Catalonia award.
This award is in recognition of Girbau's work to provide its customers with innovative and sustainable solutions
A new Girbau washing machine wins the 2021 Ecodesign Catalonia award.

Girbau has won one of the 2021 Ecodesign Catalonia awards presented every two years by the Catalan government department of climate action, food and rural agenda. Specifically, the award was in the "Product under Development" category, for the GS7018 sustainable washing machine, chosen to represent the GENIUS series.

This machine, which is not yet on the market, is to be launched in the coming months and is part of the so-called small range, which includes machines with capacities from 9 to 32 kilos of linen. Its design took into account "all the technology and experience built up by Girbau", making it "an innovative, pioneering product on the market", in the words of CEO Pere Girbau. As well as considering different energy efficiency and linen care factors, the new machine also features innovative technology to respond with "adaptable and evolving" solutions to the customer's needs at any given time. The washing machine is connected to the internet and can be controlled, adapted and updated using the Sapphire technology platform developed by the same company and a front touch panel.

The Genius series is a step forward in the environmental sphere. We have always been especially sensitive to the environment, but now we also want to do business," says Girbau, pointing out the environmental and also economic performance users can benefit from. It allows a major saving on water, it includes better handling of chemicals, "exquisite treatment of linen" to make it last longer and enhanced effectiveness against pathogens. Other highlights include the high spin speed, improving on both previous Girbau ranges and the competition and meaning the linen comes out less damp, so saving dryer time (and energy). The machine is designed for vended laundries, restaurants and hotels with small loads, veterinary clinics, public services, and even cleaners, as it is a non-polluting alternative to dry cleaning.

As Girbau put it, "This award is in recognition of the work we have been doing at Girbau for years to drive innovation hand in hand with environmental responsibility and energy efficiency criteria, to help our customers to boost their businesses in a sustainable, efficient way."



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